What is PETA?

What do the initials stand for?

Where are they based?

What do they do?



Browse through the "animals are not ours to eat/wear/experiment on ..." sections

Comment upon the choice of pictures


some reactions 


What are PETA's activists compared to?


reaction to the 'fur is dead campaign'


What are the PITA activists reproached with?

Have a look at the leaflet yourself do you agree with the article or not ... justify your answer.


 Why do people go vegetarians? 


Draw a graph using the figures given in the "why I went vegetarian contest" page indicate the main reasons . 



in class/ debate

Some PETA activists have been charged with what is considered an act of terrorism

1/ you will have to decide what they did.

2/ imagine a trial

finally decide whether they are guilty or terrorism or not .