( worksheet )

Gareth our assistant this year is Welsh… 

this is a good opportunity to find out more about Wales!


For a start do you know where Wales is situated? click on the  areas on the map below when you are on the right location a window will open ...




Take notes:

Major cities


Natural resources


Type of landscape



More details


Languages spoken in Wales detail
About the flag describe
About the emblems  what they are ,why these?



Famous people:

Some famous people come from Wales…See if you know some of them or…something they've done that makes them famous .


The people

What they have done


He/she is famous because...

this is the man / the woman who....






In the nineteenth century a lot of Welsh emigrated , I bet you have an idea where they went.check. However you might be surprised with one of the destination.



who when

why they went there




Welsh food

What would you eat if you went to Wales? make up a meal.


  Welsh name description justify your choice
Main dish      
No way you will have this!      




 How would you pronounce these places if you were to ask for some directions? (click on them to check!) or ask a native to tell you!


Bwlch      Tonyrefail      Llwynypia      Llanrwst    Caernarfon




Did you know ?

Your English teacher's name is of Welsh origins... What does it mean?






click to hear the Welsh National anthem again




my sources:


Annie Gwynn - November 2001