A web quest about South Africa

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About the Republic of South Africa

  1. Complete a blank map showing the oceans, the countries which have a common border with SA, some famous cities and places.
  2. Imagine you're a tourist in SA , say where you're likely to be or go (click on the places to find out details about them ; some places may be mentioned twice)


Give some details

You want to go on a photo safari

You want to visit the place where Nelson Mandela was jailed for 20 years

You want to relax in a seaside resort

You want to visit a famous area where black people where forced to live during the apartheid period

You're in a big city where you witness a car-jacking, and a murder

You're in a city where there are very rich people many of them being businessmen .

You see poor black people who live in really bad conditions

You have lost your passport and you need to go to the French embassy to get a new one

The South African flag

  1. Colour a blank flag of South Africa

  2. When was it adopted ? What does this date mark?

  3. The colours of the flag have an official meaning. True/False?

  4. Indicate what its colours may symbolize


Complete the grid with some names and dates (the questions are not in chronological order)




First Europeans to settle in South Africa

A black man arrested and sent to jail for life

Introduction of segregation laws (what is it called)

A famous township where many black protesters were killed

A town where there was a first revolt against apartheid

Announced the end of apartheid

Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

First black man elected in SA

Year this black man's presidency ended

Freed Mandela from prison

Opposed during the Boer war

They won the Boer war

It became independent

Write a (very) short summary about the history of SA using the answers to the former exercise

Right or wrong


Right () or wrong () ? Justify

English is the official language of S.A

SA is nicknamed the rainbow nation because the traditional clothes are very colourful

There are more white people than black people in S.A

SA belongs to the British commonwealth of Nations

The South African currency is the South African pound

The president of South Africa is called Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is not dead , he is 70 years old.
AIDS affect many people in SA as a consequence there are many orphans


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