East is East Synopsis

East is East is a tragedy based in Salford, 1971. Proud Indian chip-shop owner George Khan lives in a detached house with his Asian wife Ella and their three children. Determined to raise them as traditional Catholics , George sends sons Nazir, Abdul, Tariq, Saleem, Maneer and Sajid to the church and makes daughter Meenah dress in mini-skirts , but the kids rebel.
When George arranges a marriage for eldest son Nazir, he flees mid-ceremony. Undeterred, George plots to bring Tariq and Abdul into line by marrying them to the daughters of London butcher Mr Shah. When Tariq discovers the plan, he smashes the gold rings George has bought as wedding gifts. Maneer refuses to tell George who was responsible; as Ella tries to stop George beating him, George turns on her. Nazir returns home but a bruised Ella tells him to leave before George gets back. The next day the Shahs pay a patronising visit with their daughters. Medical student Saleem arrives with his latest artwork - a lifesize, latex pudenda -which accidentally falls on Mrs Shah's head . As the Shahs leave in disgust, George turns on Ella, who tells him that if he can't accept his family as they are he should leave. He does. Ella finds a tearful George sitting with friends in the chip shop and they drink a glass of whisky together.

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