Banned books




In Fahrenheit 451 books are banned so they are burned !

This is not just fiction , in the past and nowadays books were or are banned  for all sorts of reasons...

find out more about it ...

go to :

and complete your worksheet:




1/ about the document do you think it is reliable source? can you trust it?

justify your answer.

2/Browse through the document and fill in the your grid with the following  information.

  • Which titles are familiar to you ? You may have read them, or studied them at school or just heard of them.

  • Where and when were they banned?

  • For what reasons have they been banned

3/Your reaction? Did you expect to find such titles?


4/Work in pair:

Do you think it is good to be able to say and show everything...or should there be more restriction ? (think about books, radio programmes, TV shows, posters in the street, songs, films...)

Find examples which may be controversial.

Write a dialogue

One of you defends the  freedom of speech , the other one believes there should be more censorship.Argue your case .

Be ready to act it!